“Every great Master begins with a great Mix. Is a science to a point but how you hear is the key. ”


        Davide Barbarulo  works on both major releases and independent productions.  Common factor is reaching  for the best connection between artist and public, best impact and emotional listening experience of your music. Our Mastering Services are aimed to sound quality and care for details.  If that is not  your philosophy you’ll find many other cheaper options on the market, humans and robots.  We do different releases for Digital Distribution, DSD, CD, Broadcast and Vinyl prints.   Our pleasure is to have you here attending the session for best communication, if that’s not possible is fine to work on-line. Since we are human and we believe that every project is special please contact the studio with your request to discuss the best solution  for your budget.  We are part of the Italian National Educational Program for Sound Engineers and we offer when possible  free seminars on Mastering and critical listening  to music enthusiasts. More infos on our Facebook page.



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The Studio is located in Napoli - Italy  - inside an historical 1400 building 15 minutes from Capodichino Airport and 100 meters from Metro 1. Has a very relaxed vibe, internal parking and great view on sea and the Vesuvio.  Our revealing speaker system ensures correct judgement and translation.  Processing chain is set point to point for every project with some of the best instruments ever made and ranges from transparency and content preservation to strong character and color. From state of the art full digital path to avoid any DA/AD conversion on sensible material to full analog processing for DSD to DSD transfers without DXD or PCM interpolation or simply for old school cuts. We always use what fits the best and harms less your music.

Several standard near field monitors are available on request for faster referencing  if you are not familiar with our room.

For any specific need (hardware or software) give us a call.



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